We have a wide range of expertise in all aspects of IT security. In the event of a cyber incident, the right preparation and response are central and determine whether and how quickly you can continue to operate your business after an incident.
A quick and correct response can decisively reduce or even avoid damage. To do this, it is important to align your organization with these threats and define appropriate processes. This includes performing regular backups of your data, selecting and assigning access rights, creating an emergency plan, but also precautions that need to be taken by experts. 

Our core competencies lie in the following topics:

Penetration tests

Password assignment according to the Need To Know principle (everyone gets only what needed and only as long as needed)

Monitoring of critical accesses

Monitoring of server and application resources

Regular checking of accesses (only required ports are opened, with checking of the source IP)

Making only web frontends visible on the Internet (no application or database servers) Protect the web frontend with a WAF (Web Application Firewall)

Update Windows in a timely manner

Use of log file monitoring (e.g. Elastic Search)