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Swynoo is a web-based disposition solution that enables efficient and intelligent disposition processing for construction transport companies. Not least thanks to the support of artificial

Looking at it from the user’s perspective: PWA vs. Mobile App PWA (Progressive Web App) simply explained – A web application that has the appearance

This whitepaper explains how SMEs can accelerate their digitization through financing approaches and reduce the risk of implementation.

Due to the Corona pandemic and against the backdrop of increased supply bottlenecks, corporate strategies in the manufacturing industry are also increasingly geared towards comprehensive

For some years now, modern business applications, but also games or office tools, have mostly been implemented as web applications instead of classic Windows applications.

Singer-songwriter Joya Marleen, newcomer Argyle Singh, poetry slam champion Lara Stoll - Phil Dankner is bringing a very special line-up to Schlieren.

The question of responsive design is being asked more frequently nowadays in the concept phase of new application development compared to the past.

By digitising their own business model and building additional digital business units, many companies gain stability and reach.

The big platforms of the technology age, Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple (GAFA), have a lot of market power.

Having ideas is relatively easy, but having good ideas is a bit more difficult. Implementing ideas, however, is something else entirely.

Get an overview of specific approaches for companies as well as the most important findings of our study in the whitepaper.

More affordable third-party solutions meet the needs of the company and a customised solution does not offer much potential for differentiation.

The new Digital Study shows how SMEs in the field of digital transformation are responding to the current situation and taking advantage of the opportunities.

Despite the ongoing instability caused by the Corona crisis, one of the top issues for logistics decision-makers is sustainability.

Once it is industrialized and integrated into business processes in a sustainable way, Excel can lead to inefficiencies and intransparency.

Customer portals have become an indispensable part of the consumer goods industry and many service industries.

If a company wants immediate access to world-class DevOps capabilities, it can try to hire them internally or outsource the project to a dedicated team.

In order to implement innovative ideas, you usually need the appropriate software. Unfortunately, this is not very easy.

Whether you are a digital newcomer or an “old hand”: a well-structured and target-oriented roadmap is the key to digitisation success.

Get an overview of the most important points in the whitepaper PWA and download it for free.

The indispensability of the digitalization of central business processes should have long since reached the minds of decision-makers.

Often companies are faced with the problem that they have a standard software solution in use for various areas.

When digitalisation is discussed in companies, those responsible often immediately associate it with costly investments.

In this article, you'll learn more about the value DevOps brings to businesses.

Once you have overcome the media discontinuity to paper, there are media discontinuities between IT systems and tools.

Not only physical, but also digital processes and communication are becoming increasingly automated.

More and more business processes are being digitized, which also means more and more users managing the user interfaces.

Not only since the digitalization entrepreneurs and managing directors have to deal with the selection of suitable and supporting softwares.

Professionalize your working environment with the new Contact Management application! With brolio you have a solution that helps to further digitalize your working environment and make it

In the following article we focus on the documentation created by people and teams involved in the development.

Digitalisation is becoming increasingly relevant for companies in the B2B sector. But the step towards digital transformation comes at a price – e-commerce leasing offers

Many small and medium-sized enterprises are considering moving their IT environment to the cloud. Due to increasing hardware and software requirements and the simplification of

Whether SME or international group, manufacturing or service industry: our financing solutions support companies in upgrading their IT and digitalising their processes so that they

Studies show that the will and positive attitude towards digitization is present in many SME management teams.

The Kano model measures the relationship between the characteristics of a product/a service and the associated customer satisfaction.

The financing solution should be individually tailored to the specific needs of the company in each case.

Artificial intelligence, big data, process automation and other trends are the terms of the hour when it comes to digitalisation. 

The Swiss car importer uses different applications for the organization of their internal processes. 

Often it would be good to just go for it instead of planning for a long time. The business strategy should always include digitalization.

The buzzword digitalisation promises to increase efficiency and open up new business opportunities, but in Switzerland it poses major challenges.

If you think that customers are the link that holds a business together, then it is natural that the foundation of dedicated and satisfied customers is critical.

Digitalization has long arrived in the business area of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Nevertheless, it still causes immense problems.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the megatrends and a much-discussed topic, as is the case with Comitas.

Our world is becoming increasingly digital. The smartphone and with it the mobile internet, the constant, fast availability of information as well as shopping possibilities,

Project work is part of daily business in many companies, but it is far from being routine. Of course, every project has its own individual

We are proud to announce the upgrade of our Microsoft partnership to Gold status. The Comitas Developer Team has successfully passed the Microsoft Web Application

We are happy – Intrapact 11.0 is now available for you! The latest version makes your work easier and more fun. Of course, as usual,

Based on the figures of the Federal Statistical Office, digital natives have formed the majority of the Swiss population since 2020. This population group was

No business can do without IT today, and there are applications for every business. In addition, applications are generally becoming more user-friendly – despite the growing

A study by Gartner showed that more than 50 percent of all native mobile applications will be replaced by Progressive Web Apps within the next few years. But what exactly are PWAs?

The digitalization and the hidden burden of IT legacy systems are setting the agenda for many small and medium-sized enterprises.

Regular backups are an absolute must for large and small businesses and inevitable.

Digitization and the hidden burden of legacy IT systems determine the agenda for many small and medium-sized companies in the construction and road transport industry.

Hosting centers are one of the big IT trends of recent years. But is it really worthwhile to resort to such services?