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The integration of different software applications is a central component in the age of digitalization and forms the basis for more efficient and future-oriented business processes. Comitas offers different solutions to connect existing software applications. The opportunities range from simple data exchange via file (e.g. at night) to real-time connections via API (e.g. Rest API, SOAP service with data format JSON or XML) to interface layers such as EAI. The interfaces can be implemented independently of the existing IT architecture and software application.

A future-oriented integration of enterprise applications such as CRM, accounting or business analysis programs offers your company following advantages:

Process automation

Application integration facilitates the smooth transfer of data between all types of systems and workflows to support productivity and automation. Enterprise application integration also enables business processes to be mapped more easily and transparently

Data visibility

By improving data visibility through application integration, organizations can better analyse and measure the data. This data can also be used to provide a comprehensive view of business activities.

Ease of use

Connecting multiple applications increases efficiency and improves sales and marketing activities. It also enables faster access to relevant information.

More options for using modern technologie

Application integrations enable the integration of modern technologies such as AI-based tools, data analytics and IoT into business processes. Aggregating cross-enterprise data provides more diverse opportunities to train algorithms in machine learning.

Certified specialists and high reliability

With the support of Comitas, you also benefit from other customers: Insights and solutions can be transferred and thus continuously bring optimizations. The know-how of our specialists also helps to keep the security level permanently high. Even in emergencies, our team knows how to react quickly and professionally so that operations are not jeopardized.