Comitas Ventures will handle the code development for
promising start-ups across industries and provides
loans and/or investments to reduce risk.

Focus on the business, not the code

What is Comitas Ventures
Comitas Ventures is a much-needed bridge between the entrepreneurship world and digital development. With a strong background and long experience during the last 21 years as a software development company, and a group of people who come from the start-up ecosystem, Comitas Ventures is the ideal partner for start-ups to not just build projects together, but also help them with investment funds, loans and presentation preparation for raising further capital along the road to match their ambitions.

Who are we?

Our Ventures division is an essential part of Comitas AG software development company. As a team that consists of software development experts, start-up eco system veterans and a creative design team, our goal is to provide you the much needed all-round support, so that you can focus only on your business idea and execution.

What are our services?

Our main service is developing the next big digital solution that will make the world a better place.

This is what we do and have been doing for the last 21 years.

Wait, that’s not it! We offer much more than software development:

Partner for product development and consulting

Expertise from multiple projects and contact from all around the world and different industries, Comitas Ventures can help you reach new highs with your idea

Application creation and Lifecycle Mgmt.

With over 21 years of software development experience under Comitas, we are the ideal partner for your digital solution

Investment of up to 20% of Project cost

A participation as a bond for a joint cooperation to provide additional trust and resources

Loan with no Interest up to 40% of Project cost

Our loan model offer you the chance to not just get financial help when needed, but also keep most of your project shares when the loan is returned. Anything in between our services is not off limits. Comitas Ventures wants to be a reliable partner for any start-up we work with and their needs, be that financial, development or anything else we can contribute to our mutual success goals.

What are we looking for?

You! Reading this sentence…
Thinking about starting that idea that you have been sitting on for a while.
You! Reading this sentence…
Having trouble with the development department within your start-up, which is holding your sales and growth back
You! Reading this sentence…
The dream team that has everything in it: Brains, passion, and consistency, but needs exposure and support to make it to the big stage

Why working with us?


If you are or want to be a start-up

Our creative capital can give you an extra push toward success and cover some of the steps that might distract you from your primary goal, which is building the business. Once your prototype is ready and your business plan is on paper, Comitas Ventures will facilitate as many investors meetings as needed, so that you can get further funding and continue growing your team.


If you are an investor

The biggest uncertainty that all investors have is the stability of the team that they are investing in. By joining forces with the start-ups that we work with, our 21 years of experience in software development gives the investors more ease on their decisions. That is why, our community has a wide range of industry experts and investors who you can join.


If you are an accelerator program

Every day someone knocks on your door, telling you that they have a full proof plan on how to build the next big thing. Sometimes they have technical experts on their team, but sometimes they just have passion and an idea. That is where Comitas Ventures comes in, and covers the gap of the technical deficit for the team you are so eager to accept in your accelerator program.

What is our business model?

If you want to build a solid project, starting with an MVP and moving towards a fully functional business that scales and grows, all roads lead to Comitas Ventures. Whether you graduate from an accelerator program or form part of an angel investor portfolio, our team is interested to share our more than 20 years of experience and vast knowhow with you to build the critical digital solution your business needs.

We have divided our process into 7 steps, that help us identify and support the start-ups that we can most contribute to:



We gather all start-up pitches and details through our website, networking events and research



Based on specific criteria for certain industries, and our support relevance to the project



Idea validation of given project & market validation



In front of our innovation board



Legal contact of partnership, investment discussions


Team preparation

Based on requirments and available resources


Go to market

Launch and promotion of the project, with continues support

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